Zest Air is a low-cost budget airline in the Philippines. This budget airline is currently making my blood boil!

I wanna try this airline for a change, I always fly Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines… but because this airline offers lower fares compared to the others, I booked my travels for this year with this airline. Who doesn’t want cheap deals right?!

I admit that I haven’t tried this airline before, but I’m supposed to use their service a lot this year. But….


what makes my blood boil is the rampant canceling of my booked and paid tickets…One by One they are being canceled. Note: I’m not the one whose canceling the ticket.. but the airline!


They have a good reputation on being ALWAYS DELAYED

1. One blogger shared his experience in being delayed by Zest Air for 13 hours. Check his experience here. (from

2. Another blogger shared his horrible experience regarding delays and terrible customer service. Click here to view.

3. Other horrible Zest Air experience click here.

AND NOW They will also have a good reputation for TICKETS-ALWAYS-CANCELED? My Gosh.. what a shame!

And ALSO they’re not giving what they ought to give you back.

Their policy regarding refunding for your canceled tickets is that the web/admin charge which is 100 or 80.00 per person will not be refunded back to you when you cancel the ticket. Which is I think is too unfair because they cause the cancellation not me or any other passengers. That policy should be stricken off the record!!!

You might say that it is a petty amount, but having a lot of reservations for my travel this year, and all of them being canceled… they’ll be getting a lot of money from me! Poor me, I just wanna save more money for accommodation and activities that is why I booked my trip with them 😦

Anyway, maybe I’m just too unlucky that my flights are being canceled.. But please… please change your policy regarding refunding, especially when the fault is caused by your own mistakes!

They did the cancellation one-by one through text messages!

The message I received for cancellation of flight Legazpi to Manila

1st canceled ticket –> Manila to Laoag April 27Β  2012

2nd canceled ticket –> Laoag to Manila Apr 29,2012 (different booking I.D with the first!)

3rd canceled ticket –> Legazpi to Manila January 25, 2012 (knowing that I booked the ticket last Saturday) This is due to servicing of the aircraft.

Let’s see if my flight to Davao will be canceled too… 😦

Anyway, just beware my fellow netizens, this maybe a good and cheap airline but there seems to be some problems “not being addressed by the higher ups” especially with regard to delays and their “always” problematic set of aircraft …Better yet book in advance in other reputable budget airlines such as Cebu Pacific Air and Airphil Express. or the more luxurious and tried and tested–> Philippine Airlines but I really hope Zest Air can improve a lot… Let’s give this airline time to grow up maybe after a few years it will also be part of one of the greatest budget airline in the Philippines…. It’s still in its problematic stage… so I’m quite patient for this airline.. but I really hope I can see them ‘flying high’ soon!

Lessons Learned:

1. Always stick to what is tried and tested or give time for this airline to change and develop

2. Don’t drool too much on a lot of sales without reading the fine prints! — that’s one thing I didn’t do that’s why I have this dilemma.

3.Β  I won’t do any advance booking in this airline as of the moment.

Do you have some horrible experience using this airline? Share your story in the comment box below!!

But Now… all I can say is “Grr… Zest Air!”

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  1. Oh no! That’s just plain annoying! I haven’t tried Zest Air before and with this, I might not try it at all. Well, unless they improve their services. Thanks for the warning. Hope you get your refund. πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah! It’s really annoying! I hate it! 😦 I’m not going to book my other flights with them this year… til somebody blog that they had improved their services πŸ™‚

      My refund will be processed within 30-60 days, hope I can get it earlier πŸ™‚
      I will do my best to warn you guys and give other tips regarding travel!

      Thank You for your visit! Happy Wandering! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. This airline is horrible. I bought a ticket last year Sept 20, 2012. After I bought the ticket, my mom died. I went back to the ticketing office to have my ticket rescheduled. They refused to reschedule it. They instead asked me more money so I could reschedule it. I paid the ticket for 2200php. They asked me to pay more than I purchased the ticket. I was so mad at the time. It was not even my fault that my mom died. Please beware of this airline company.

  2. oh my god…i just booked roundtrip tickets from manila to puerto princesa for april 2012. i just saw this blog now and i’m really scared. the resort we booked is really expensive and i’m scared that it will be forfeited if our flights get cancelled! has there been any news on the stats of their flights between manila and puerto princesa?

    1. So far, no news about cutting their flights going to Puerto Princesa. Don’t worry, just pray that it won’t be cancelled or call their head office in advance– but calling them now won’t help since most of them doesn’t have any information for flight changes months before the flight, but since Puerto Princesa is a well known route they might not cancel the tickets…. the best thing to do is to call your hotel and ask them about the cancellation policy….. or, if you want you can try other airlines. Airasia will be launching their Puerto Princesa route so they might sell their tickets in a very low price πŸ™‚ I bought in Airasia my Davao tickets in lieu of my reserved and booked tickets for Davao using Zestair. I just paid 12USD.

  3. Wow! They chartered a flight for you? That’s awesome! They were really scared of the lawsuit! Haha! So funny! But, as for the law suit, Ive read a blog that they planned to sue this airline before, they collected signatures of the passengers on that flight which was terribly delayed like 8h or more…I dont know how it went though…. I hope this airline compensated for their actions… And I hope they should make it to the point that they give good service to their customers or else people will not appreciate them anymore and they will find a better airline even if it means a much more expensive ticket…. I hope that your flight going to Cebu will have no problems πŸ™‚ I also hope zest air’s management can see how much the netizens hate them and bash them because of their incompetence in some aspects in the business… But I HOPE that zest air will be better guided by these bad experiences written n the web by their customers… I really hope that they will change to be better since having another good competitor in the airline business means cheaper flights…
    Thanks for sharing your experience Atty.Samantha.. Hope I can be a lawyer too πŸ™‚

    1. Airlines are afraid of lawsuits. It means hefty amount of damages and destroys their goodwill…. Only that, attorney’s fees can be hefty too., good thing I did put a name tag on my baggage bearing my title. That somehow sent some warning signals…..:))

      I wasnt kidding though. I would really pursue the case. Twas wise for them to have chartered such a flight. We were 18 passengers….and on our trip back to Manila, they sent another aircraft just to pick us up. We were only 4 passengers then.

  4. Gosh. I haven’t tried zestair also before. But I booked a round trip ticket to Cebu on May 10 and also a round trip ticket to Kalibo on August. I hope we won’t experience that kasi I’m gonna scare them since I learned here they’re afraid of lawsuit. hehe. Airphil is really the best and too bad for me kasi nasilaw ako sa murang fare ng zestair.

    1. yup, I guess they are really afraid of lawsuits, it will take time and money :), anyway, I hope that Zest Air had in a way improved their service because they indeed offer competitive ticket prices which made a lot of Juan’s to fly. Let’s just pray and remain positive that they will not cancel your ticket. Hope you can share your experience after you fly to Cebu this May 10 πŸ™‚ I’m really hoping that they changed even for a bit πŸ™‚

      1. Yes, Please let us know what happens with your may 10 booking. Thank you!

    2. I have to apologize for my mistake…. It is not zest air that I took for el Nido…. Upon checking, it was apparently sea air… Be that as it may, there is a strong possibility that airlines can be threatened with law suits…. Meanwhile, as I am not a computer savvy, will anyone please help me deleting my post? As it us somehow erroneous as to the airline brand….. Thanks!

  5. Hi Yannah,
    This experience is exactly what will happen to me. An SMS was sent to me last May26 saying exactly similar to your printscreen (flight details are different). I got this ticket last November 11, 2011. Its a roundtrip trip ticket to CDO for the Kagay-an Festival. I am mpre interested on what happpened after they cancelled your flights? Shouldn’t there be compensation beside refunding the amount of the ticket?! Reason is it was a planned visit, you planned it for months they will cancel it just like that?! What if in my case I am attending a Festival that happens only once per year?! How will they compensate for I will miss that activity which I planned since last year? Did they offer you free booking of any domestic flights anytime within the year or anything like that?! Or they offered just refund period?!

    I hope I can find a policy stating that they should compensate passengers if they initiated the cancellation. This will benefit me and other victims that they will have in the next few weeks, months or years. This should be stopped! I hope any lawyers and or government official who knows the law and policies aprund this incident will stand up and help.

    Please reply what happened to this incident. Hoping tou will find time, Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Rey! Gosh, what is wrong with Zest Air?? This is terrible! Anyway, I got a refund, but the bad thing is that they don’t give you the internet processing fee back which costs at least P100 per booking. Aside from the amount of ticket less the processing fee I didn’t get anything. I almost took the canceling and the non-refund of the processing fee as a scam since the call-center agent say it is there policy not to refund such even if the cancellation is by their own fault– Oh, I just hate that policy! I tried to argue to their representatives but I only got a nigh reply. I wrote this blog posts to warn or wade off other people in booking to Zest Air (especially today that they are really unorganized) and as of now, this is the only thing I can do, but if people will initiate a petition, I would be happy to be of help. I’m looking forward to get some moral/ or any kind of damages from them πŸ™‚ The time I wrote this post– I was really angry at them– and honestly, I’m still am. I’m really hoping that this kind of issues be brought to the respective administrative agency and even to court, if necessary.


    Mukang e2 na agad ang sagot sa mga problema naten ah! paki check mopo section 6-8 of this document file. kaso it says draft saka parang ammendment pa lng ito?! not sure if approved na. yung atty na nagconment sana mabasa nya parin ito, pls email her and ask for comment if you happen to have her email. this might help. alternately, you may search for ER No. 7 in google. that is how i found this.. hoping for your reply miss yannah

    1. Hi, I read the file, I guess the document is still a Bill, waiting for approval of the Congress, so it’s not yet a law as of the moment. I’ll try reading again my transportation law book if there are provisions for cancellation. Anyway, I guess the document you showed me won’t help us, since the cancellation rights of passengers here pertains for passengers already in the boarding gate or such— just like a delayed flight. It doesn’t pertain to cancellation prior to the flight itself, it just say that if there’s cancellation the airline should provide notice to its passenger and the reason thereof 😦 I guess ZestAir complied with it by texting us 😦 too bad… I hope the Congress or the people behind this bill see our dilemma so that airlines won’t just cancel our flights:(

  7. to tanya:

    Helllo tanya, we havent heard from you about your zest air flight, did it go right? hope so since you didnt write something about it.

    please share with us what happened. my bookings are in august yet. if my flight would turn sour which i so hope would not, i will try to document all and would really file a complaint just to see how the government reacts.


  8. Got my DVO-MNLA flight on August cancelled!!! I already demanded them to transfer me to another airlines since i have a connecting flight that day but as per their agent it was denied!, forwarding me to customer relations department. Lets see where this complain will end.

    1. Oh my! This is terrible! Can’t they transfer you to another flight instead? My gosh, this is terrible, they kept cancelling flights.. Now, i guess my davao flight this september, might also be cancelled.

      1. Luckily, my Davao flights were not cancelled. But I wasn’t able to go to Davao since our school term was extended, hence, no vacation for me πŸ™‚ I guess, they rarely cancel when it comes to main hubs such as puerto princesa and davao πŸ™‚

  9. I called Zest Air’s office and spoke to TRACY I have been on the line for more than 15 mins and it was a long distance call (I’m from Bacolod and they don’t even have a toll free number). When the call got this connected I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY callbacks from them. So we need to do another call and waited for the next agent but did not resolve anything with them! I asked the agent their email address and asked her how soon they can reply if we will transact with them via email. The agent replied “ASAP” so I hang up on the phone and sent them the email.

    Again we have 12 passengers and the earliest booking was made Nov. of 2011 for a grand total amount of P15,784.80.

    Zest Air E-ticket for TERESITA CAMERINO and OSCAR CAMERINO (Book Code: AJM3KY)


    Zest Air E-ticket for EUGENIO SARONA and REGINA SARONA (Book Code: P4VZRT)


    One of the travelers, ISAGANI MAGBANUA got a call from them around 1pm wed, Aug. 22 informing them that their flight were cancelled since ZEST AIR
    ceased operation servicing the route from MNL to BCD, vice versa since last JULY 1, 2012.

    These tickets were booked not because of a mere vacation but for a WEDDING. The travelers were part of the BRIDAL ENTOURAGE and others are PRINCIPAL SPONSORS. Why were we not informed about this earlier?! According to their agent they have on the records two emails (my email address and my mother’s email address) and my mother’s cell number who is the credit card holder.

    All they can do is refund the money we spent or reroute the passengers to Iloilo Hub. If we will accept the full refund, the new ticket for 12 passengers cost P42,000 with CEBU PACIFIC and will cost more with PAL. If we will accept their option to reroute the 12 passengers to Iloilo Hub, we will take the risk (what if there will be a low pressure or storm on that day not to mention spending transportation from ILOILO airport to ILOILO port as well as the fare on the sea vessel) for them to board another sea vessel from ILOILO to BACOLOD.

    Now since the WEDDING was planned 2 years in advance, there is no way for them not to attend to the wedding. We were lucky there’s SEA AIR w/c is a partner of TIGER AIRWAYS and we got them all on a flight from MNL to BCD but spent P29,902.72.

    Up until now I did not receive any call nor emails fixing the inconvenience they have caused us.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Zest Air. This is terrible! I hate it when they enter into a contract with you and then they will suddenly cancel it! This is a big problem with Zest Air, they let people buy tickets from them, earn enough money from the web admin fee and then cancel the flight. I hope you will get your refund, and I hope they will give you some compensation from the damage that they caused you.

  10. I am not surprised seeing these bad experiences people had with Zest air. The first time I have made reservations with them was back in March of 2011, to celebrate my birthday in Cebu. Being so consistent with their reputation, our flight was delayed for more than 2 hours, no compensation in any form provided. So when we arrived in Cebu, it was already past 6pm, we were not able to do the itinerary as originally planned. Since then, I promised not to fly with Zest air ever again!

    But just recently, we had a terrible experience with them. They had this piso fare on July 9 or 10 i think, which my officemates have crazily availed. They booked tickets to Tagbilaran and everything was confirmed. Then one officemate got envious that everyone will be on vacation so he tried booking one ticket for himself, unfortunately, the promo seats were sold out but he still proceeded with the reservation even if he would be paying the regular fare. Unfortunately, he used my credit card and after submitting the payment, the screen went blank. We stopped right away, I called my bank to check if something has been charged. They confirmed that there’s an amount on hold, so we called Zest’s CS to verify if they have located a confirmed flight since my card was already charged. They gave us a confirmation number and said that the transaction did not go thru and we have to book again, also advised us to call the bank to have the charges reversed. when we called the bank, we were told to contact the airlines since they were holding the amount. When we called Zestair, we were told that they can olny reverse charges if the card statement is presented to them. So we waited more than 3 weeks for the bank to generate the statement, sent the copy thru email and waited for their response. Prior to that on July 12, we booked another flight for the person coz he really wanted to join the group, this time it was successful and we got it cheaper.

    And here’s the horrible story, they emailed us saying that the first transaction on July 10 actually went thru and that email has been sent with the confirmation. Of course, we complained and insisted that we were told by their CS that it was not successful and gave the ref# given to us. Unfortunately, that ref# was not honored, instead, they gave a different referance number with confirmed booking on July 10. So we ended up having 2 tickets for the same person for the same flight. We exchanged emails then told us that the concern has been forwarded to the “right” department and 2 days ago, we were told that they will not reverse the charges as there was no mistake on their part. They sent us a screenshot of something like a proof that an email was indeed sent. But hello???? Are we that stupid to book 2 tickets if we have received any confirmation email? Even their CS has not located this when we called, how do they expect us to locate it ourselves? when i asked the CS earlier if the ticket was refundable, fortunately, the July 10 was and the July 12 was only transferrable. BUT subject to penalty of 672 per way, that means being left with almost nothing plus that web admin fee Yannah has mentioned.

    We were just so disappointed with the way they handled the situation. We would also like to think that they are scamming their customers in cases like this, that even if the transaction will be cancelled, they will still benefit from it ans re-sell the refunded tickets in the future. Very clever indeed. They just gave us the run-around for almost amount only to be told that we won’t get our money anyways, or even if we do, thay have to take a part of it.

    Please, if anyone here pursuing a lawsuit against Zest air, feel free to emaui me at and I will also give my share of complaints. I have also posted in the FB sites of Tulfo brothers, Ted Failon and Imbestigador, contacted my friends who has a contact with the media people to let everyone know how bad this airline is. Less than 4k amount was involved here but it was not the amount that matters. The public has to know and be warned against this airline. They should not be in business as they would only ruin tourism in the Philippines. So sorry for the long post, Zest air has pushed me to the limits. Panahon na para magkaisa ang mga pasaherong inapi, hehe. Thanks.:)

    1. As far as I can see it, and from the comments by other people, Zest Air is indeed a terrible airline to patronize with, especially nowadays, I think the company is being mismanaged.. There are a lot of errors in the management…First, they always have problems with routes, airplane repairs, delays etc. and now, terrible customer service which is somehow the blood and veins of a company which is in the service industry or in any way deals with people. I hate it when you already planned your vacation and suddenly you won’t push through because of some matters caused by this company… I really feel your pain, It is indeed disgruntling when the company already done you wrong but still the actions of their customer service representatives are slow and inefficient… I hope that your complaints will push through…

      I hope readers in this blog would as much as possible be wary about booking flights with this airline, until they prove to us that they are worthy of every cent that we earn.

      I also encourage people with complaints to email BASYA,, and together with her to file law suits against this company. Let’s help other Filipinos not to fall prey to this company who will disappoint you with their cancellations, delays of flights and inefficient customer service.

  11. @basya: Are you really interested in filing a case against them because I have a similar story of their incompetence. Last July, they announced a promo fare from Manila to Shanghai for around 5k per person roundtrip so I booked the tickets (for 5people) for a trip from Thursday to Monday. Everything was good until one week later, I received an email from them telling me that the departure flight was cancelled due to plane maintenance so I called them to ask what will happen. They told me that I could change my flight to Wed instead but I told them we had to go on Thursday since there was a conflict of schedule. I asked for a refund and I was told that they would gladly process my request since it was their fault and payment will made fully. After 2months, I received my amount reversal from them and it was only Php 26,450 not 26,900. I asked the CSR why and they only told me that it was the Web fee and it was not refundable. For me, this was a stupid reason since it was not my fault that they changed the schedule of my flight. What if 1000people had the same problem as me? Does this mean that they would easily pocket 87,000pesos without doing anything (web charge is 87per person). also, if it was 87 pesos per transaction, it could have been forgivable but for each passenger? This is absurd. for me, this was also an opporunity loss because the same time I booked my flight with them, I was also deciding between a Cebupac flight bound for Singapore which cost only 5k at the time but now it’s double the price so for me, it really sucks that we got the short end of the stick. I also had a problem with my credit card because I didn’t know that the full amount was not given back that’s why I was charged finance charges and late payment as well. I really hope that someone can take action for me because I want them to improve their service or better yet, cease their operations because they are just lying to their customers.

    1. Hi! Wow! this airline really sucks! I had the same experience! I hate it when they didn’t refund my web admin fee, since in the first place they were the ones to cancel the flight, it is their fault not mine, so at least they should refund me what is rightfully mine. They had already caused a lot of damage and still they have all the nerve to say that it is within their policy not to refund the web admin fee. I really hate that policy! they should change that! eerrr…

      I advise all people booking their flights to Zest Air to think twice before making the grave mistakes I and the other readers of my blog had made. Booking in Zest Air is a gamble. It is whether you push through or not. The endless worry whether the flight will push through, and the hassle of getting your flight cancelled, rerouted or delayed is not worth the money you’ll pay for a cheap flight. Other airlines conduct sales, so just wait for it, and book there, at least most of them are tried and tested.

      I guess this airline is still having problems with its management, I hope this will be solved… But I think it will take time.. Let’s wait and until it prove to us that they are worthy of the money we earn then we will patronize them. I wish they would improve..

    2. Hi there folks, I am actually serious in bringing this issue up to the media. I don’t know if anyone has already decided to file a case, I honestly don’t know how to start doing that is why I said I will participate if ever there’s any case filed, signature campaign, etc. After reading your experiences here in Yanna’s blog as well as some other feedbacks I was able to search, I realized that my case was nothing compared to what they have shared. Mine just involved less than 3k pesos, but my heart goes out to our fellow passengers who went thru the agonies of dealing with this terrible airline. As for me, the first and last time I flew with Zest was back in 2010, but after experiencing almost 3 hours flight delay getting no compensation of any form, I have boycotted Zestair since then. It just so happen that some of my friends still patronize Zestair despite the warnings I’ve been giving them, and at that time, unfortunately, my credit card was used to purchase their tickets and this occured. So far, none of my friends experienced this cancelled flights thingy

  12. Hello everyone!

    I was able to fly my zest air tickets on aug. 25 and 28 respectively. since the round trip tickets cost me only 2k, i didnt expect a lot. especially after reading your blogs. 5 days before my scheduled flight, i received a text from them that my flight is cancelled and they moved it to a later departure time. instead of bursting into anger, i just made a wry smile….sabi ko, ito na nga ba….that round-trip tickets were bought because of a wedding of a cebuano-lawyer friend in dumaguete. this friend demanded that i should attend his wedding so i bought this round-trip cheaper ticket just so to accommodate his demand. He is a classmate in a Cebu law school where i finished Law but I am already based in Quezon City working for the government. and moving my flight to a later departure time is a no-way to me coz i still have to travel to dumaguete from cebu for the wedding. but then zest air gave their contact number in their cancellation message, right?

    so i called up and requested for an earlier flight instead. so from my original flight of 3:30AM Aug. 25, i asked for a friday night flight instead. (aug. 24 @ 19:30) good thing, i have friends in cebu who could accommodate me for the night. and good thing i have a flexible office schedule that allows me to leave early from office just so to catch up the 19:30 friday flight. but then, even if i checked-in on time, the possibility of a delayed flight always hanged on my mind. then, after sitting at the boarding area for 15 minutes, i heard an announcement that zest air manila-davao flight is delayed for 3 hours. that made my nerve to feel something. i have wished that if my cebu flight is delayed, i want it to only last for an hour.

    the protocol is to have passengers boarded before 45 minutes of departure time. and it was already 35 mins before my scheduled flight and there was no advice for us to board….i was laughing silently because, anyway, this airline is notorious for delays and cancellations.

    but then i was a bit surprised that in 30 minutes before the departure time, they called us for boarding…hmmn, excellent i said to my self. not so delayed huh. we arrived cebu 35 minutes late of ETA but for me, it was remarkable. this is the reason i didnt bother to make a write up because i was not totally disgusted of their performance.

    But then, my original return flight was again cancelled. i purposely took the 5:30 flight on aug. 28 in time for the office hours on that same day but they moved it to their 16:00 departure time. that should have been a big no because it would mean, absence from my office. good thing again i have a flexible schedule so i was able to justify my late arrival in Manila. but one thing i observed, my return flight to manila was only 35- minute delayed as well…not very disgusting.

    all in all, my flight with zest air were good. but after reading these raging blogs, i personally felt to give some advice as a lawyer.

    i know how it feels when flights are cancelled, or when we are robbed with these web fees, etc. i also experienced this robbing at check-in counters with the other airlines thus, my decision to try zest air.

    if people can unite and consolidate their complaints, you can write zest air management cc: civil aviation board, then mike enriquez of gma and the tulfo brothers. usually, when wrong doings are exposed to the public, management makes amend immediately just so to protect its good will…..i say address it to zest air management so they would have first hand knowledge of what had happened and i say copy furnish it to civil aviation board because they are the one regulating the airline industry. at least your complaint reaches the regulatory office of the government. and yes, exposing it thru media is self-explanatory.

    i wish you all a uniting force. i am personally satisfied though of zest air performance at least because it fitted my schedule. it could have been different if my circumstances do not allow sudden changes as what zest air made me experience.

  13. Hi there folks, I am actually serious in bringing this issue up to the media. I don’t know if anyone has already decided to file a case, I honestly don’t know how to start doing that is why I said I will participate if ever there’s any case filed, signature campaign, etc. After reading your experiences here in Yanna’s blog as well as some other feedbacks I was able to search, I realized that my case was nothing compared to what they have shared. Mine just involved less than 3k pesos, but my heart goes out to our fellow passengers who went thru the agonies of dealing with this terrible airline. As for me, the first and last time I flew with Zest was back in 2010, but after experiencing almost 3 hours flight delay getting no compensation of any form, I have boycotted Zestair since then. It just so happen that some of my friends still patronize Zestair despite the warnings I’ve been giving them, and at that time, unfortunately, my credit card was used to purchase their tickets and thiso ccured. So far, none of my friends experienced the cancelled flight thingy, but Zestair is really so consistent when it comes to delayed flights.

    Just 2 hours ago, I have received a message from my friend who knows someone from GMA and TV5. She said her friend has responded and suggested contacting zestair first and if they provide no response or resolution, we will forward this to TV5. But then again, i felt a little ashamed thinking that I’ll be the only one to file a complaint and they might laugh at the amount I am currently disputing. This is why I decided to visit this site again and check if any others shared their own. What I will do is to post the link on this site to my friends FB then be forwarded to TV5 for them to review and feature. This way, we can make everyone aware including Zestair’s management, that it’s time for them take action.

    Yannnah, I ask you permission to publish this in FB, please let me know if it’s ok. πŸ™‚

    1. sure Basya, I will do my best to help other travelers out there.. Hope this little post will bring justice to people like us and to other possible victims out there. You can post it. πŸ™‚ Good luck to us all.

  14. I have the same shocking experience and i will never purchase ticket from Zest Air again ,they are abusing the passengers , instead of pleasing them. i purchased two tickets few days ago and i wanted to rebook it two days before my flight for the following week ,but they said i have to pay 1,400 pesos each and 2,800 for two and i only purchased mine for 1, 250 pesos each ,so it means they want me to pay more than the original price even if i called them earlier for rebooking my tickets so i also tried to cancel it but i have been told that they will only give me more than 200 pesos each which is very rediculous and an insult, that’s why i said to them dont worry you can keep my money because i will never Fly with ZEST AIR again. I guess it’s a bad experience for me and i learned my lesson.

  15. I hope it will not happen again ..It’s to late I already book my flights to Manila this coming November..I hope and pray I will not experience based in your blog…..

  16. Oh no. I purchased zest air tickets for manila-busuanga a few weeks ago and i will be bringing my infant daughter and yaya with me. We have already paid for the tour package so it would really upset me if they cancel the flight. My problem is that although i booked and paid for our tickets already, i was not able to print the ticket because a copy was not sent to my email address. I tried to contact customer support but no one would answer and even the web customer service ignored my complaint. Hay. I guess this is what i deserve for booking with a cheap and lousy airline company.

  17. Fortunately, my second attempt to contact their sales office was successful. I explained by dilemma to the zest air staff who could not find my ticket on their records! Arghhh! I told her that my booking was successful since after I logged in my credit card details, the ticket with PRN number flashed on the screen and since I expected a copy to be sent to my inbox ( which always happens when I book with Cebu pacific and air Phils) I did not bother to copy the PRN number. >.<

  18. Hi,
    i am from England and was recently booked on 29 Oct on the ZEST AIR flight from Shanghai to Manila. It was cancelled with about 2 hours before it was due to fly, no annoucement, no prior notice, just a note on the screen saying “cancelled” and not a single Zest air rep to explain what was going on. I was lucky in that I managed to get a cebu air pacific flight at the same time but now I’m really worried as my brother is due to do the same flight on 1st November and he has a connection on to Davao.

    1. Wow, they didn’t even explain the reason why it was cancelled. According to Philippine law, the airline should explain the reason why they cancelled the flight. I’m so sorry for your experience here in the Philippines. That airline is well-known not only for delayed flights but also for cancelled ones. And I hope you got your refund. I also hope your brother went home without stress from zest air.

  19. could someone help me here? i just booked my ticket awhile ago and the last name is incorrect .. im a newbie in flying so i guess this would help me.. how can i correct the error in my ticket? and
    i have read about your problems.. im so afraid .. hope it wont happen to us.. godbless america

  20. Delayed Refund/Complaint Issues: Email Zest air ( & CC: Civil Aeronautics Board ( and

    I did this after months of follow-up and then they immediately respond & promised to credit my money back within the week.

    And/or file your formal complaint against Zest Airways, Inc. to CAB’s legal department ( attention to Executive Director Atty. Carmelo L. Arcilla.

    You may also call their 24/7 hotline at 542-5234 if you have inquiries/questions.

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

    1. they cancelled our flight manila to busuanga yesterday informed us 4 hrs prior to ETD, and rebooked us 3 days after they never gave us hotel accommodation as well as meal allowances

  21. I’m not surprise, i heard so many bad stories about this airlines, i have flown with them couple times and still the same, you always get this delayed flight problems and when you are asking for a refund it takes forever and sometimes they wont even give it to you..hmm.. what a shame..this airlines should be terminated, there are so many airlines there that are DEFINITELY BETTER than Zest Air..

  22. Wish I had read this blog earlier. I booked a flight with Zest. Right after entering my credit card and proceeding with the payment, the website gives me an error, and no booking was made, but my card was already charged.

  23. Very dangeros airline in Philippines, I know 1 captain of zest airline a cheater , He cheated many many indian student almost 100,000 $ he got from the students and nothing happen. this captain owned flying school long time ago. its DELTA AIR .the school is closed due to cheatins now he has new school the name is ADVENTURE EDUCATION SPORTS subic, again he is using school to cheat and to get money.. beware of this man.. very dangerous captain of airline

  24. This information is needs to be share to other to avoid them to be the next victim. If yyou want evidence in about it you can ask philipines goverment in C.A.A.P about the new pilot school if they have papers to operate

  25. A madman captain in zestairline a ticking timebomb in cockpit.. too many trouble in his mind because of his cheating activity.. someday error will happen in cockpit..beware! he always getaway from all complain because he is clever to answering all acusation.he also has many trouble inside zestairline office

  26. i speaking like this because my relative and some my friends in india are those he cheated and they were promise to be a pilot soon but everything not true.. until now they are not a pilot and sufering & paying bank loan in india becuse of this one man act.the zestairline cptain is cap JAI TESTADO a very dangerus man of cheating.

  27. Hi yannah! just a few minutes ago, I received a text message that they’re cancelling my flights from Manila to Legazpi and vice versa.. It’s so annoying since It would really be hard for us now to book flights on our scheduled date. Anyway it’s better to just have our money refunded than fly with an unreliable airline. Oh and I heard they’re always delayed too. Tsk..tsk..I hope I get my refund soon. How did you apply for a refund though?

    1. We didn’t apply for a refund since we paid through credit card (your credit card will be credited back the purchase price of the ticket/s 10 days to 30 days after their notice of cancellation) otherwise, or if you paid in cash, I heard that you can call their customer service or go to the nearest Zest Air office to apply for refund.

    2. Hi Gwen, I’m sorry to hear about your experience, Hopefully, Zest Air will change especially now that AirAsia is now holding 50% of its shares! Regarding your question, I did not ask for a refund since if booked through their website, it will be automatically refunded to your credit card, just like any other transactions in the net, however if you booked through their agency/offices, you can go to that office and ask for refund.

  28. I’ve never been on Zestair but because of this post. I will never buy tickets from them πŸ™‚ Anyway, you might wanna file a breach of contract of carriage. Then you can teach them a lesson and ask the court to award damages πŸ™‚

  29. I got two Cebu-Davao flights cancelled for this month. The email I got says below.

    Dear Chris P,

    ZESTAIR FLIGHT ADVISORY: Please be advised that effective May 09, 2013 onwards flight Z2-528 from CEBU to DAVAO has been CANCELLED due to Operational Requirements. For more information you may call our Manila Office Tel: +63-02-855-3333 from Mon to Fri 07:00am to 11:00pm. Sat and Sun from 7:00am to 9:00pm or Email us at for the inconvenience. Thank you


    What should I do now from USA? I never flew this airline before but thought this might be an opportunity for me to try but this will be the last! Unfortunately I made two reservations just in case, they cancel a flight on one day and also to keep my options open!! Now, what to do?!! I used my credit card, so will they actually credit back the monies they charged? Or do I have to request calling their service desk?

  30. Just to inform you guys, Zest Air still sucks and it looks like it will be like this forever. I also received an email of a cancelled flight just now. F**k them!@#$% I’ll never ever book to Zest Air ever again. I hope others would learn from our experience.

  31. Just received an email and a text from them that our Manila to Cebu 9:00AM flight has been cancelled as well.. This is too stressful to think that this is suppose to be our(we are 3 in total) first time to fly with this airline. Since I’ve purchased my ticket thru their ticketing office, do you have any idea if we could get our refund immediately?

  32. I’m so pissed with Zest Air. I booked a flight for tomorrow and they told me that they will email it to not just one but two of my emails. They didn’t send ANY. Now I’m calling all their hotlines(around 4 of them) and NONE of them are working. Two are offline. One puts you on hold then cancels your call and another just makes the most annoying BEEEEEEEP sound. ZEST AIR SUCKS.

    1. Hi there! You can try their website if they have this “Manage Booking” section and you can start from there. If none, the best thing that I can advice you is to go to your nearest Zest Air office. πŸ™‚

  33. Hi Yanna,
    If I only read this a month ago, I should not have gambled my hard earned money to booked via zest air. I just received a text just now that the flight of my sister Mls-Cbu was cancelled. No other info stated. I bought the ticket for cash here in Cebu ticketing office. Can I request a refund? Where should I go? Please help. Have you any luck lodging these enormous complaints to the media? I want to join the parade of grudges so the people will be warned. Please help where I can request a refund for a cash payment booking. I bought the ticket a month ago. I read above that the ticketing office will also do the refund but I did not read if the compainant actually been refunded via the ticketing office. Please help.

    1. Usually the ticketing office will give you the refund by cash, so you should just go to where you booked your ticket, and if it’s possible bring your receipt, the text message and your ticket. Don’t worry it would be given to you as a matter of right.

  34. gosh im scared now.. i have booked for roundtrip tickets this june 28th..ive used my debit card and paid for almost 3k. should they cancel it, i hope i could get the refund w.out any hassle..

  35. F*ck. I just bought a june 19 flight. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck. Now I might not be able to sleep this moment on. :”(

  36. My son bought a ticket October 8, 2013 Manila to Tagbilaran and then Tagbilaran to Manila back and forth flight October 13,14,15, 2013 unfortunately he and his companion is not available for a reason and he wants to transfer it to me and my wife because he had paid an amount of Ph 9192.00 . He book it by phone and no one from the ZestAir MOA explained about the policy My son and I (father) went to MOA to possibly change the name in behalf of my wife and I because we wanted to use the Flight schedule because my son already scheduled together with the hotel accommodation , but I have talked already on the hotel personnel that they are willing to transfer to another names but , I should bring a letter coming from my son and a two ID for acceptable reasons. Now it’s okay for the Hotel accommodation because they have understand better than the ZestAir people. Thanks to INDOCHINA STRINGS AND TRAVEL AGENCY for their support .
    Now for the MOA ZestAir personnel they have only say we have the policy no names change that’s it my son payment for the amount of Ph 9,192 just blew away just easily and we have just gone from MOA after 3 days after ( NOv. 11, 2013 )from the date of payment ( Nov, 8, 2013 ).but remember it was a phone booking and he just gone to MOA for a personal payment BEWARE A ZESTAIRWAYS zero Bull……SH….. POLICY ….!!! ITS HARD TO EARN THE MONEY AND IT JUST BLEW AWAY FOR NO REASON AT ALL !!! THEY SHOULD HAVE A HEART FOR A REASON to understand the customers better than themselves because without us(customers ) you are nothing , now it just spreading like a disease your poor services , and you are not satisfying the customers as well . CUSTOMERS THINK TWICE IF YOU WANT TO FLIGHT WITH ZESTAIR .OR ZeroAirways…..

    1. Hi andres,I’m sorry to hear about your experience, but actually it is the usual practice of budget airlines to have a no name change policy, and it is usually written on the `fine print’ of the ticket. So, the best lesson here is that people should check the airline policy before booking. And the best thing to do is to refund the ticket if ever it is refundable.

  37. Hello, I am planning to book for a ticket roundtrip from Manila-Korea-Manila, flight will be next year May.. my question is, until now ganito pa din pop ba problem nila sa mga flight? cancelled? okay lang sana kung delayed for a couple of hours pero sana hndi cancelled. Any experince international flights with Zest Air? Thank you po in advance,

    1. I cannot comment on that, since i havent tried booking in zest air again after my horrible experience but i hope that they already changed their ways since they have changed their management. And air asia runs them now

  38. last oct. 9 2013, we booked our flight on december 23, 2013 Manila-Bacolod vice versa, yesterday they called us that our flight is cancelled??!!! the ticketing office agent told us that if we want to refund our money, we have to wait for 30 working days after or they will rebook us for a flight from Manila- Bacolod via Cebu, BUT we have to pay for the excess expenses!!! this is bullshit!! they ruined our schedule for rebooking and they want us to pay the extra expenses???

  39. I blog often and I genuinely thank you for your content.

    The article has really peaked my interest. I am going to book mark your site and keep
    checking for new information about once per week. I subscribed to your Feed as well.

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