Caramoan, Philippines: How to Get To Caramoan?

I traveled to this place last September 2011. It is located in Camarines Sur, south of Manila. It is touted to be as the next Boracay.

Simply Amazing (photo from Caramoan Haven)

If you’ve been to Boracay with its fine white sandy beach then this place also has its own fair share of beaches. And also… the beaches here is also fine, white, and sandy…. less the crowd and all-night partying in Boracay. This place is yet to develop… and the Camarines Sur government promised that this nature’s wonder will not be abused and that they will preserve the place.

Limestone Formations

Moreover, what makes this place unique is that it also has amazing limestone formations which rivals that of Palawan. So, coming here is like going to Boracay and Palawan at the same time.

The place is not that popular before, until one Survivor TV Show made this place as the setting of their series…

Now, Caramoan is slowly becoming a tourist spot in the country…


How to get here?


  1. You have two choices either ride the plane (45 minutes) or ride the bus (8-11 hours)
  • Plane going to Naga, Camarines Sur costs aroung (P3,000 round trip ticket or $70USD
  • Bus going to Naga (P500-900.00 one way, $11-21USD for one way trip)

2. Then go to Sabang Port (45 minutes to 1 hour travel) 

  • Ride the van or jeep going to Sabang Port (P120.00 or $3USD). The van terminal is in front of SM City Naga

3. Then Ride the Ferry going to Caramoan (Guijalo Port)

  • The ride will take 2 hours
  • The ferry fee (this is a big outrigger boat) is (P120.00 or $3USD)
  • The first ferry leaves Sabang Port by 5:30 am and the last ferry leaves by 11:30 am. They have travel schedule every hour during that time frame.


  1.  Ride a bus or shuttle bus in Satellite Terminal going to Naga (150.00 or $3.5USD). The travel time will be 2 hours
  2. Then alight to the Naga Terminal and then ride a jeep or van going to Sabang Port (P120 or $3USD)
  3.  Ride the Ferry


5 thoughts on “Caramoan, Philippines: How to Get To Caramoan?”

  1. Thank you for replying so quickly to my earlier comment! :) I want to confirm if:
    > we will be able to leave Sabang port by ferry regardless of the time we arrive (e.g. we arrive at 8:30am), so long as we get to the port in the morning?
    > the jeep/van going from Naga to Sabang port is ‘always available’ or there are many vans/jeeps going to Sabang port even in the wee hours of the morning?
    > there are about 15 of us. Will there be any problems of the group getting separated, especially in the boat rides?
    > Is it the same process when you travel back to Naga? I mean, same boats, same vans and such?

    I’m sorry for the questions! :D I just really want to iron out the details so that we’ll be prepared when we get there :)

    1. Hi Carl!

      1. The earliest time that the van leaves Naga terminal is 5:30 am – 6 am. But it still depends on the van. It is better to take the van instead of the jeep going to Sabang
      2. The boat leaves every 1 hour. so it starts by 5:30 and ends by 11:30
      3. How many days are you gonna stay in Caramoan?
      4. Regarding being separated, there will be no problem at all, since the boat can accommodate 25-50 passengers (this is a mere estimate) It is really big so no problem. But don’t think that you have legroom in that boat since there’s none.
      5. Yeah, same process. But you can opt to go to CWC (Camarines Sur Watersports Complex). Just tell the driver to drop you off there.

      Thanks for visiting my blog, if you have more questions just ask me. I’ll be happy to help. By the way the information above is from my tour guide Kuya Gerald of Caramoan Haven.

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